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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alison Pace: Pug Hill

In May, I read A Pug's Tale by Alison Pace and adored it. Recently, I was given the opportunity to see where the story all began when I received a copy of Pug Hill (now available in paperback) for review.

With a relationship that makes her unhappy and a crush on an unavailable co-worker that makes her feel silly, Hope McNeill doesn't have the best luck in the romance department. Her apartment is too small to get the dog she wants. And though she works the coolest job -- she restores paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- she rarely sees the sunlight during working hours.

But she has Pug Hill, a spot in Central Park where she can watch pugs prance and frolic, which gives her a sense of peace and comfort. When she can't escape to the park, she has her favorite Zoloft commercial saved on her DVR.

After her parents ask her to give a speech at their anniversary party, Hope begins to panic and obsess. About a lot of things, like how she needs to stop sitting around and waiting for her life to begin. But first, she must learn to face her fears.

When she signs up for a public-speaking class at the New School, she meets an eccentric group of people, including a gay poet, a hot, well-dressed man who says "dude" a lot, and an angry novelist. Through the weekly class assignments and getting to know her classmates, Hope discovers things about herself (bad habits, poor choices), gains self-confidence, and learns to love and forgive not only herself for past mistakes, but the people around her.

Pug Hill is a charming book filled with whimsical characters, adorable pugs, and a realistic, likeable heroine.

I really enjoyed reading the beginning of Hope's story and related to her frustrations and fears. Even better, I cheered her on and delighted in her journey and growth.

If you like dogs, read this book. If you're single and overwhelmed by social expectations, read this book. If you enjoy fun, sweet stories, read this book.

I highly recommend it.

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  1. Aw I love dogs! And this book sounds super cute, I need to read "A Pug's Tale" now :)


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