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Monday, August 22, 2011

Sara Shepard: Twisted

In the span of two weeks last year, I devoured Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars Series. So good! Imagine how surprised I was to find out the series would continue with four more books. So excited!

Twisted picks up one year later. Alison's disappearance, which was a mystery that captivated both the town and national media, has been solved. And the relentless messages from "A" that tortured Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna have stopped.

But a much-needed relaxing spring break vacation to Jamaica doesn't go as planned. In fact, it drives a wedge between the friends, and they want nothing more than to forget everything about the trip.

And things aren't going so well for them individually either.

Aria's boyfriend has a sexy exchange student living with his family. And she's determined to get Aria out of the picture.

Hanna's dad is running for Senate, which brings them closer together until a photo scandal threatens everything.

Emily, after taking some time off from swimming, is determined to get back in shape and score a scholarship. And it looks like she might be close to making her dreams come true--and meeting a new best friend--until she's caught in a compromising position with an older man.

Spencer's found a new friend, who has the potential to become more than a friend. Problem is, he could possibly end up being her future stepbrother. Plus, he's got a secret that might destroy everything.

Still, things are about to get worse for the girls. So much worse. Haven't they learned by now that secrets never stay buried?

The title of this book speaks for itself. The lies are more twisted. The plot takes many twists and turns. And just when you think things couldn't get crazier, they do.

I couldn't put this book down. Every page oozed suspense, treachery, and dishonesty. It was the ultimate guilty pleasure.

I cannot wait to see what the pretty little liars get into next!

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