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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elizabeth Scott: Between Here and Forever

I was very fortunate to win a copy of Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott! I really enjoy her writing and couldn't wait to read this one.

Abby is seventeen years old and has always lived in the shadow of  older sister Tess. Everyone loves Tess. She's pretty, popular, and makes good grades. She's perfect.

When a car crash on New Year's Day leaves Tess in a coma, Abby finds the shadow has gotten bigger. In fact, it's enveloping her. But it doesn't matter. She'd rather live in Tess's shadow than live without her.

Her schedule is quite simple: wake up, go to school, visit Tess at the hospital, then go home to sleep. Abby's life is on hold for Tess, which she doesn't mind because she knows it will be worth it when Tess makes a full recovery.

She even enlists the help of Eli, a gorgeous, rich boy who works in the hospital gift shop. Abby is convinced that hearing Eli's voice will coax Tess out of her coma and that Eli will fall madly in love with her. Because everyone loves Tess.

Instead, she finds herself intrigued by Eli and enjoying his company. But Eli is meant for Tess, so Abby pushes him away and denies her feelings.

Her guilt about Eli and conversations with Tess's best friend from high school and her college roommate trigger random memories that make Abby think she doesn't know everything about her sister after all. Maybe Tess wasn't as perfect as everyone thought she was.

Flashbacks provide background and insight into Tess, who may be in a coma, but is very alive on each and every page.

All in all, this was a heartbreaking story. Abby was a fascinating character. Insecure and broken, her emotions were electric. I felt her desperation. I understood her self-deprecation. But more than anything, I wanted her to be happy and stand in the sun.

I enjoyed this book. Elizabeth Scott handled sadness, depression, and the road to recovery with sensitivity and a unique voice.

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