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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Libba Bray: Beauty Queens

People are always telling me I should read Libba Bray novels. When I saw Beauty Queens at my local library, I decided to give her a chance. The book sounded fun, so I couldn't wait to start reading!

The premise is simple: a plane filled with Miss Teen Dream beauty pageant contestants crashes, leaving them stranded on a deserted island.

What happens next isn't so simple. The girls, most very spoiled and self-absorbed, have to find a way to survive with very little food, water, basic necessities, or (GASP!) lip gloss and fancy clothes.

In short, they have to fend for themselves. And they do! (Between practicing for the pageant, of course. Priorities!) They become resourceful. They break away from the roles they've been forced to play by their parents and society in general to let their true selves shine. They deal with death and the dangers of the jungle (huge snakes, much?). They learn how to work together as a team. They become real friends.

It's all very RAWR! Girl Power!

Then it gets bogged down with silly things like overbearing footnotes, ridiculous commercial breaks, a hidden corporation compound, some sort of deal with a greedy dictator, and reality show pirates. Honestly, I skimmed most of that stuff. Well, except the pirates. Because, hello! Who doesn't love hot pirates?

Still, I liked the basic story of girl power and survival. I laughed out loud at the attacks on pop culture (no one's safe, not even boybands). I rolled my eyes at the absolute absurdity of it all.

While it wasn't the best book I've ever read, Beauty Queens was a satirical and stylish romp through the jungle.

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