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Friday, May 27, 2011

Alison Pace: A Pug's Tale

I was excited to receive a copy of A Pug's Tale by Alison Pace (June 7) for review!

Hope McNeill has a good life, complete with an amazing boyfriend (Ben), an adorable pug (Max), and an incredible job at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Though she's been sneaking Max to work for a while, she finally has an opportunity to officially bring him to the museum for "Pug Night," an event honoring a very wealthy donor. Amidst classical music, champagne flutes, and a fully-stocked buffet table, the pugs are running wild around the museum, sliding across floors, and staking out the food.

When Max gets a little more boisterous than usual, Hope takes him out of the party and into her office where she discovers that a very famous painting by a French artist has been stolen and replaced with a fake.

The museum wants to keep it under wraps and not get the police involved.

Hope wants to solve the mystery and erase her name from the list of possible suspects.

It isn't long before she starts receiving mysterious emails that lead her on a scavenger hunt through the museum, exploring famous works of art and looking for clues. But she's not alone. While investigating, Hope gets unexpected help from a fellow pug enthusiast, a shady private investigator, and even Max. In fact, Max is very good at communicating and problem-solving. You know, for a pug.

It wasn't difficult to figure out who had stolen the painting, but the journey was playful and amusing. I loved the setting. I was wildly entertained by the cast of eclectic characters. And I really loved the dogs.

A Pug's Tale was a delightful, charismatic story with a little something for everyone -- dogs, art, museums, a big city backdrop, and a mystery. I had so much fun reading it!

This was the first Alison Pace novel I had ever read, but it definitely will not be the last.


  1. Sounds like a fun read. Would you say it is geared to adults or more to youth? The cover speaks youth to me but I love the story idea.

  2. I don't think it's geared toward youth. To me, it's women's fiction/chick lit.


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