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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Susane Colasanti: So Much Closer

I am such a fan of Susane Colasanti's writing (novels and her super-positive blog) that I was thrilled to receive an advance reader's copy of So Much Closer, which will be available in bookstores everywhere on May 3.

Brooke Greene is all about "The Knowing," a feeling that overcomes her when she knows what she wants to do, when she wants to do it, and how she wants to do it. And she knows that she and Scott Abrams are meant to be together. Unfortunately, Scott doesn't know. Yet.

When Scott reveals that he and his family are moving to New York City, Brooke knows that her time is running out. She must tell Scott how she feels, no matter what it takes. For Brooke this means taking a huge leap, leaving her life (and mom and best friends) in New Jersey behind, following Scott to New York City, living with her estranged father, and completing her senior year of high school at a brand new school.

Whoa! I can't figure out if Brooke's decision makes her incredibly naive, lucky, or brave. But I couldn't help but like her and cheer her on as she made new friends (Sadie and John rocked!), felt the heartbreak of losing touch with her old friends, opened herself up to new experiences, made amends with her parents, and told Scott how she really felt.

But more than anything, I enjoyed watching Brooke discover a side of herself she never knew existed and become excited for her future.

This novel had a big, beating heart. And that heart was New York City. My favorite part was following Brooke around as she explored the city. So Much Closer was a beautiful love letter to New York.

I miss New York, and Susane Colasanti's words made me feel like I was there again. Her descriptions of the sights, sounds, smells of the city perfectly captured the magical energy you can't help but feel when you walk the streets of New York. I felt like I was visiting the neighborhoods and hanging out with my friends on the High Line. Now that's good writing.

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