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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lauren Kate: Torment

I really enjoyed Fallen by Lauren Kate, so I was thrilled to find Torment at the library!

Luce is now attending Shoreline, prep school in Northern California. With the Outcasts (angels despised by both Heaven and Hell) out to kill her, Daniel (her fallen angel boyfriend) feels she'll be safe within the confines of this special school, where Nephilim (children that are a result of fallen angel and human affairs) are students and angels and demons are teachers.

Starting a new school isn't easy. Luce misses her family and friends. She also misses Daniel, who is always away protecting her. Worse, students at Shoreline seem to know about Daniel and Luce's doomed relationship that has played out over and over again throughout many lifetimes.

In school, Luce learns about Shadows, which give her glimpses into her previous lives and goes on a quest to learn more about her past, which she has no memory of. This quest not only puts her in danger, but causes a rift between Luce and Daniel.

The story was often bogged down by over-the-top teen romance and angst, which became tiresome. But the suspense and angel/demon lore was interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I'll definitely check out Passion this summer. I really need to know where Luce ends up and if she finds all the answers she's looking for.

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