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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ally Condie: Matched

I have to admit, I'd never heard of Matched by Ally Condie until I saw it sitting on a shelf at the library. I liked the cover. The story sounded interesting. I brought it home. What followed were many late nights where I read until I couldn't hold my eyes open anymore.

Imagine living in a world where every decision is made for you -- what to wear, what to eat, where to play, how to spend your time, what songs you can listen to, what you can read, where you work, and even when you die?

This way of life is all Cassia has ever known, and now that she's turned seventeen, it's time for The Society to dictate whom she'll marry. She is surprised but happy to be matched with her best friend Xander (it's rare to be matched to someone you actually know). Things seem perfect, until another boy's face appears on her match disk--her neighbor Ky. Was it just a glitch? Or is she really supposed to be with Ky instead of Xander?

Soon, Ky is all Cassia can think about and she finds herself falling in love with him. Their blossoming relationship opens her eyes up to possibilities, creativity, and a life where she doesn't have to follow The Society's rules.

But those who do not follow the rules and try to rebel in any way are punished.

I found Ally Condie's dystopian world both fascinating and disturbing. The plot moved quickly. Cassia was a character with many layers. The story was unforgettable, and I really, really, really need to know what happens next.

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