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Monday, February 21, 2011

E. Lockhart: Real Live Boyfriends

I'm such a fan of E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series that I was both excited and sad to read Real Live Boyfriends, the final book in series.

Ruby is a high school senior with a real live boyfriend and college applications to fill out. For her college admissions packet, she decides to film a documentary interviewing her friends about the definition of love and popularity.

Meanwhile, her family is falling part. Her grandmother passes away. Her father deals with his sadness by eating junk food and lounging around the house. Her mother, who can't handle Ruby's criticism of her strange eating habits and her husband's grieving process, takes a solo vacation.

On top of that, Noel, hasn't been acting like a boyfriend since he visited his brother in New York City. In fact, he's distant and Ruby doesn't even know if she can still call him her real live boyfriend, which causes a bit of a complication when Gideon, a boy she used to crush on, returns to her life.

And then there's the pesky panic attacks and appointments with her therapist Doctor Z.

Clearly, Ruby has a lot on her mind. But what's new there?

This book was hilarious, and sweet, and sometimes heartbreaking. E. Lockhart created a lovable, memorable character who was real, flaws and all.

I didn't want it to end. Still, it did. And it was a fitting ending to a great series.

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