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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elizabeth Scott: Something, Maybe

I've been wanting to check out Elizabeth Scott's books for a while now, so I was thrilled to see Something, Maybe in the YA section of my library.

Think YOUR parents are embarrassing? Be glad you aren't Hannah.

Her playboy father is in his 70s and famous for his online reality show, which showcases his life with pretty young girls. She hasn't seen him in five years.

Her mom, once part of her father's harem, now hosts Internet chats while wearing lingerie. Worse, she hosts these chats from their home.

Like being seventeen years old isn't hard enough.

Hannah just tries to stay under the radar and distance herself from her parents' over-sexed images, putting little effort into her personal appearance (baggy clothes, hair in a ponytail, and no makeup). Still, she fantasizes about boys and her first kiss. Usually, the star of her fantasies is the super-hunky and seemingly perfect Josh. But soon she finds herself crushing on Finn, who is sort of awkward, incredibly sweet, and the complete opposite of Josh.

Things get a little more complicated when Hannah's father decides he wants to be part of her life again, which puts her in the spotlight and a tug of war with her emotions.

While it isn't hard for the reader to see which boy is Hannah's true love, the story was appealing and sometimes funny. Elizabeth Scott's exploration of the different levels of love was realistic and smart.

I hope I get the chance to read more books by her!

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