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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

One Year Blogoversary

I started this blog one year ago today.

I had hit rock-bottom and needed something to help me climb my way back up to the land of the living. I found Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher on the shelves at my local library and, as my user name suggests, it had a major impact on my life. The story hit so close to home that I couldn't even bring myself to review it. Some things are just too personal.

In short, that book saved my life. This blog gave me a purpose every day.

And what a year it's been!

I've stumbled upon so many amazing authors--old and new--that I know I never would have heard of if it hadn't been for my interest in book blogging.

I found myself having conversations with actual authors, which is something I never thought would happen. Authors are rock stars to me!

I couldn't let today pass without thanking:

~ Stephanie Kuehnert () and Crissa-Jean Chappell () for being the first authors to read my blog and comment.

~ Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus for their fun Friday Five interview.

~ Jay Asher for writing Thirteen Reasons Why.

~ My 12th grade English teacher Mrs. Stratton for fostering my love of books.

~ My friend Bobby from St. Louis for being as enthusiastic about books as I am and filling pages of hand-written snail mail with reviews and suggestions.

~ Susane Colasanti () for unabashedly loving John Mayer as much as I do and including this lyrics in her amazing books.

~ Kay Cassidy for being an unstoppable force of kindness and positive thoughts.

~ The Westfield Athenaeum for keeping my "to read" pile stacked high.

~ The many authors who wrote, revised, and poured their heart and souls into the books I read and reviewed. Your imagination helped me escape and go on many adventures during a time when I needed to the most.

I fly under the radar without many readers or comments, but I'm grateful for every one and absolutely love the book blogging world.

Here's to another year!

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