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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kay Cassidy: The Cinderella Society

This year, I'm participating in the 2010 Debut Author Challenge. One of the books on my list was The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy (April 13 / EgmontUSA), so I was beyond excited that I won a copy at Kay's awesome blog!

Sixteen-year-old Jess Parker survives by staying invisible. After nine schools in ten years, she's come to terms with life as a perpetual new girl, neither popular nor outcast. At Mt. Sterling High, Jess gets the chance of a lifetime: an invitation to join The Cinderella Society, a secret club of the most popular girls in school, where makeovers are the first order of official business. But there's more to being a Cindy than just reinventing yourself from the outside, a concept lost on Jess as she dives tiara-first into creating a hot new look.

With a date with her popular crush and a chance to finally fit in, Jess's life seems to be a perfect fairy tale. That is until the Wickeds--led by Jess's archenemy--begin targeting innocent girls in their war against the Cindys, and Jess discovers her new sisterhood is about much more than who rules Mt. Sterling High School. It's a centuries-old battle of good vs. evil, and the Cindys need Jess on special assignment. But when the mission threatens to destroy her new dream life, Jess is forced to choose between this dream realized and honoring the Sisterhood.

What's a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn't want to wear it anymore?

Confession time: I went to three different high schools. And it sucked. So relating to Jess was easy. How could I not love the down-to-earth underdog? Watching her rise above the pettiness of Lexy and the Wickeds, find her voice and a place where she fit in, make friends, and strive to do good no matter what was inspiring.

I loved the Cindys! They were positive role models who broke the stereotype--you CAN be a pretty, popular cheerleader with a heart. I wish they could have swooped in and saved me from the Wickeds at the various high schools I attended.

The Cinderella Society explored friendship, kindness, discovering your full potential, self-confidence, and inner-strength without feeling preachy and unrealistic. It was a nice start to a series (the next installment is scheduled for publication in 2011) and a great debut novel for Kay Cassidy.

I can describe this book in two words: girl power!

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