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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alyson Noel: Evermore

My grocery store has an impressive book collection. While shopping one Saturday afternoon, my attention was drawn to an end cap featuring best-selling YA books. Evermore (Immortals Series #1) by Alyson Noel soon found its way into my shopping cart and came home with me.

Since a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever can see auras, hear people’s thoughts, and know a person’s life story by touch. Going out of her way to shield herself from human contact to suppress her abilities has branded her as a freak at her new high school--but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste...

Ever sees Damen and feels an instant recognition. He is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy, and he holds many secrets. Damen is able to make things appear and disappear, he always seems to know what she’s thinking--and he’s the only one who can silence the noise and the random energy in her head. She doesn't know who he really is--or what he is. Damen equal parts light and darkness, and he belongs to an enchanted new world where no one ever dies.

I've been mulling over this review for days. Every time my fingers would hover over the keyboard, massive comparisons to Twilight would fill my head. I mean, Evermore was so much like Twilight--outsider in a new school, unexplained happenings, an enemy who wants the heroine dead, and a gorgeous boy who inhabits the girl's every thought, shapes how she makes decisions, and ultimately saves the day--that I can't help it. But that's not fair to Alyson Noel, who worked hard to create a magical world.

I thought the idea of immortals and the folklore behind them was unique, though I did find myself zoning out during the scientific explanations. Having a character read auras and hear thoughts was intriguing and added an extra layer to Ever.

Damen wasn't very appealing to me. He seemed controlling and manipulative, and I'll never understand why teenage girls flock to these boys and view them as soulmates.

What kept me reading was the storyline revolving around the ghost of Ever's little sister Riley. She was feisty and fun. Her journey through the afterlife tugged at my heartstrings.

Because I know the purpose of this book was to set up a series, I'm going to cut it a bit of slack. So far, the sequel, Blue Moon, has more excitement and an interesting plot.

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