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Monday, December 21, 2009

Megan Crewe: Give up the Ghost

I've been wanting to read Give up the Ghost ever since I stumbled upon Megan Crewe on Live Journal. I'm a few months late, but I'm glad I finally got the chance!

Cass McKenna much prefers ghosts over "breathers." Ghosts are uncomplicated and dependable, and they know the dirt on everybody...and Cass loves dirt. She's on a mission to expose the dirty secrets of the poseurs in her school.

But when the vice president of the student council discovers her secret, Cass's whole scheme hangs in the balance. Tim wants her to help him contact his recently deceased mother, and Cass reluctantly agrees.

As Cass becomes increasingly entwined in Tim's life, she's surprised to realize he's not so bad--and he needs help more desperately than anyone else suspects. Maybe it's time to give the living another chance....

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the concept was unique. High School would have be so much fun if I had ghosts filling me in on the latest gossip and giving me the ammunition I needed to call out the mean girls on their heinous behavior. Who wouldn't enjoy that?

At the same time, I couldn't help but notice what a lonely and wounded character Cass really is. And I felt bad for her. Knowing that Cass has been let down by all of the people around her, including her former best friend and her always traveling and emotionally absent mother (to name a few), it's easy to see why she doesn't feel the need to make friends or trust the people around her. Her reluctance and bitterness were all too real, so watching her slowly change her mind and decide to give the living another chance was nice to see, especially since I cared about the character so much.

All in all, I thought this was a solid debut novel for Megan Crewe. If Give Up The Ghost is any indication, she's going to be telling interesting stories for a long time.

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