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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Glen Ebisch: Grave Justice

Last year I found out one of my favorite college professors, Glen Ebisch, was a writer and decided to pick up one of his books (The Crying Girl) at a local bookstore. Recently, I discovered another one of his books, Grave Justice, on the shelves at my local library.

Amanda Vickers and Marcie Ducasse work for Roaming New England Magazine. The stories they research primarily focus on supernatural happenings throughout New England.

They're currently on assignment in West Windham, Maine to investigate claims of a dark creature with a long neck and eerily similar to the Loch Ness Monster, which is rumored to inhabit the deep, murky waters of Lake Opal.

While Marcie is covering the Lake Opal Monster investigation, Amanda finds herself attending a seance held by multimillionaire Martin Chastain whose wife Larissa was murdered six months ago during a shopping trip to Portland. Martin wants to be in contact with Larissa's spirit in hopes she will reveal her killer. What the medium, Anastasia Narapov, reveals leads to danger for everyone involved, as someone tries to rob a grave and an innocent bystander is injured by an unknown attacker. The closer people get to finding out the truth, the more danger they find themselves in. If Larissa's murderer was willing to kill once, will he kill again? Marcie and Amanda join the investigation and try to juggle the stories of a town filled with mystery and suspects.

As a fan of mysteries, I enjoyed this book. Both storylines were given equal time and intertwined perfectly. The supporting cast of characters--especially Ben Hanson, the cemetery caretaker, who not only has photographs of the Lake Opal Monster but also claims to have seen vampires roaming the cemetery--added personality to the town and investigations.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Amanda and Marcie investigate next!

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