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Friday, September 18, 2009

Susane Colasanti: Take Me There

I know a lot of authors are choosing to use Twitter instead of blogging, which is a shame. Twitter is a fad. Twitter is limited. Twitter is impersonal. I've discovered some amazing authors through blogging--like Susane Colasanti. After reading her blog, I decided to request her books at my local library. The first to arrive was Take Me There.

There's a movie I really like called "Go," where you get to live the same night over and over again through the perspective of each of the main characters, seeing how their actions impact one another. It's a raucous, exciting, joyride. Take Me There, though PG in comparison, reminded me of "Go" (the original way the story was told, not the actual plot), which is to say I enjoyed it immensely.

In this story about friendship and unrequited love, readers experience one life-altering week in May through the eyes of three narrators--friends Rhiannon, James, and Nicole.

Rhiannon was recently dumped by her boyfriend, which sends her into a spiral of depression and an obsession with getting him back. Although she starts out a bit too angsty, her journey of self-discovery was realistic.

James wants more than friendship from his best friend Rhiannon but has a hard time admitting it. He provides an interesting male point of view to the story.

Nicole recently dumped her boyfriend for no apparent reason, and he wants her back--but she's crushing on an older man. She's also trying to cope with a painful secret from her past. Her story is the most compelling of the three.

So many times, while reading YA Fiction, I am overwhelmed by the author's voice and have a difficult time distinguishing them from the characters they're trying to create. That definitely was NOT a problem here. In fact, what I liked best about this story was the dialogue. Colasanti brilliantly captured the way teenagers talk to each another without sounding like an adult desperately trying to be "hip" and fit in.

Take Me There was an easy, quick read, but filled with interesting, real characters. I'm excited to read more books by Susane Colasanti!

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