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Monday, July 27, 2009

Mandy Hubbard: Prada & Prejudice

Mandy Hubbard is another awesome author I randomly stumbled upon at Live Journal, so, of course, I picked up a copy of Prada & Prejudice when it was published!


To impress the popular girls on a high school trip to London, klutzy Callie buys real Prada heels. But trying them on, she trips...conks her head...and wakes up in the year 1815!

There Callie meets Emily, who takes her in, mistaking her for a long-lost friend. As she spends time with Emily's family, Callie warms to them—particularly to Emily's cousin Alex, a hottie and a duke, if a tad arrogant.

But can Callie save Emily from a dire engagement, and win Alex's heart, before her time in the past is up?

More Cabot than Ibbotson, Prada and Prejudice is a high-concept romantic comedy about finding friendship and love in the past in order to have happiness in the present.

Living life on the D-List isn't easy, but at least Callie had her best friend Katie to keep her company. But then Katie moved away, leaving Callie alone on the D-List. She decides a class trip to England might help turn her life around.

It does. Just not the way she expects.

After being ditched by her travel buddy, Callie comes up with a scheme to go to a nightclub with the popular girls. She buys some cool clothes and classic red Prada pumps.

Problem is, Callie is sort of a klutz and isn't used to walking in high heels. She falls, bumps her head, blacks out, and wakes up in Regency England.

Mistaken for the long-lost American friend of Emily, she spends four weeks in her home.

Needless to say, Callie learns a lot about life in the 1800s, commits several social faux pas, and leaves a modern mark on Emily and her family.

More importantly, she gains the confidence needed to change her present-day social status.

I'm a big Jane Austen fan and devour anything by her or inspired by her, so I might be slightly biased. But this book was so much fun to read! I can't wait to see what Mandy Hubbard comes up with next!

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